Establishing Companies and Enterprises

Establishing Companies and Enterprises

One of the most important services we offer is the service of establishing new companies and performing legal services for these companies, from the establishment procedures and everything related to legal matters related to this company through its legal agency. We provide legal assistance to individuals whether Egyptian, foreign or commercial entities to prove that their activities are legally established and to assist them in choosing the legal form of their companies suitable for their activities in accordance with Egyptian law. We also have great experience in establishing companies in the fastest and most accurate and efficient time. In addition, we offer a service to open branches of foreign companies in Egypt, a service closely linked to the establishment of companies. As mentioned earlier, one of the most important factors for companies’ success is the choice of the appropriate legal form for their activities and the size of their investments.

Establishing Companies and Enterprises

Most people who start a business do so because they have the wisdom of entrepreneurship to recognize the promise offer. However, these talented individuals may not always be experts in the legal and financial aspects of business management. Therefore, it is necessary to appoint the best chartered accountants in Dubai, UAE or Cairo, Egypt and the Middle East. So these considerations may seem daunting, but with our comprehensive advice, you can move forward with confidence and focus on creating a successful project

Steps Establishing Companies

Type of company Company's Field and Activity Company's trade name company's capital required documents

The scope and activity of the company must determine the type of company you intend to establish. There are many kinds of companies you can do. Each type is different from the other in the paperwork required for registration as well as the legal liability that will fall above you.

The company's registration application must specify the activity you will perform within the company such as commercial, industrial or other activities.

An important step in establishing companies is to choose a business name for the company which will appear to the public, and you can put it on the company's sign.

Knowing that you should choose a unique name, it has not been used before in other companies, with a company logo that expresses its activity.

It is also important to clarify the capital you will start, depending on your financial ability and, if any, your partners.

There are some companies that require a minimum capital limit to start with.

The establishment of companies in general requires many documents and documents, so that you can establish the company.

There are common documents provided by all kinds of companies. Among these documents, your identity card or passport is valid.

With the completion of the form for the establishment of the company, as well as the payment of the fee for the establishment of the company, which varies according to the type of company and its capital.

And do the signature yourself in front of the competent employee in the corporate section, and there are some companies that require some private documents.

Such as the establishment of a limited liability company, which requires a bank proof that you own a proportion of the company's capital.

There are companies that require you to provide proof that you are engaged in the company's business, such as medical and other similar activities.

Once you have completed your procedures, you will go to the competent department to formally register the company.

Once you have obtained approval for the establishment of companies, you can start working and doing your company's activities in accordance with the laws of your country.

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