What are the registration steps for VAT 2023

Registration steps in the tax system
There are 3 main steps to follow in order to register for VAT:

  1. 1- Create a new user account
    The first step begins by entering the Egyptian IRS website and creating a new user account and then entering all necessary data such as:

First Name
Family Name
Email to financier or company
Password and confirmation

After completing the registration process, the IRS sends an email to activate the account. The confirmation link in the message should be pressed, and then the account activated by entering the mobile number of the financier.
2- Linking the user’s account to existing tax registration data
You can complete that step by entering the financier’s portal and then clicking on the option “Link my account to an existing tax registration”, after which the link requires the entry of the following data:

Registration Number
Activation Code No. 1
Activation Code # 2

The activation code No. 1 and the activation code No. 2 are obtained through a letter sent to the financier upon arrival. The financier will enter the mobile number at the activation code No. 1, the company’s email at the activation code No. 2- temporarily provided that the mobile number and the email are pre-registered on the system.
A screen then appears with the financier’s data, and if it is correct, the financier must press the “Confirm” button to be added to the financier list.
Addition of agents for the financier
3- is an optional step for the financier, and if the financier wishes to add agents, he chooses the following:

Pressure on the financier’s workspace
Follow up by clicking on User Management
Select Add New Agent

Some data related to the agent is entered such as email, mobile number, agent powers, and in case the legal accountant is added to the approval of the declaration it is necessary to enter his national number in addition to the tax registration number.

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